Hank Wyllie is the 2012 recipient of the

Barwon Disability Resource Council

Philip Bain Memorial Life Membership Award.



Barwon Disability Resource Council congratulates Hank Wyllie on each of his achievements thus far as he is a most worthy recipient of this award due to his high levels of dedication, ongoing commitment and continuing passion in working with and for other people with disability. Barwon Disability Resource Council is proud of Hank's achievements, not only with our organisation, but also his achievements in other areas of the disability community.

At our organisation Hank held the position of Chair for five years and deputy Chair for four years. He is a long-time member of Barwon Disabiity Resource Council and was on the Board of Management for a total of 16 years. Hank was also on BDRC’s sub-committees including TRACS (Transport and Access).

Hank's other local activities include his participation on the City of Greater Geelong's Aged and Disability Street Access Committee where on which he has also served for a number of years.

Hank is now actively interested in improving or creating awareness of the difficulties people who have little or no speech face on a daily basis, so these days Hank volunteers for Communication Rights Australia and Scope's Barwon Southwest Communication Access Network. He is also employed part-time by Scope to promote and assess businesses and organisations to make their premises Communication Accessible and obtain the new Communication Accessible Symbol.

With his main interest in telecommunications, Hank has been on a wide variety of groups including ACMA, TEDICORE, and a Board Member of ACE and is currently a member of the Australian Communication Consumer Action Network subcommittee Standing Advisory Committee on Disability Issues. He is also a Board Member of Villamanta Disability Rights and Legal Service.

Hank has an impressive history to document. He remains an active participant in many areas of community affairs and has seen many changes in the Australian "accessibility" system since he became involved. Since Hank joined the ranks of those prepared to advocate for others, his wide areas of expertise have proven invaluable to those organisations Hank has given his time to.

Hank, like Phil Bain has dedicated a life time to his community work. Hank, also like Phil, has raised the bar on the work one person can achieve in a life-time and then achieved so much more. Hank remains extremely active on the community service front, and he has no ideas of giving up his works any time soon.